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# InterpretIn Titel Label URL
1. David Baron City Of Nerves Here & Now Recordings
2. Tomasz Guiddo (feat. Louie Austen) Pain In My Heart (Curses Remix) Elaste Records
3. Lionel, Julien, Marceau et Rainer Reise Compost Records
4. All Is Well Forever And A Year Compost Records
5. Dorisburg Midi Trail Phonica Records
6. Asyncronous Shinkansen Phonica Records
7. Erik Buschmann Neanderthaler Reflektor Records
8. Automat Emperor Compost Records
9. Virta Sola Svart Records
10. Hercules & Love Affair Gates Of Separation (Second Storey Dub) Skint
11. Virta Karhu Svart Records
12. Ben Lumsdaine Tough One International Anthem
13. Fred und Luna Intro (Future Sounds Of Kraut) Compost Records
14. Bogdan Marx AAA-C Tulpa Ovi Records
15. Musiccargo Ich geh den Weg mit dir Compost Records
16. Kalabrese You Blow My Mind Rumpelmusig
17. Mary Ocher Love Is Not A Place (feat. Your Government) Underground Institute
18. Rupert Cox The Nowhere Dance Albert's Favourites
19. Josh Wink Used To Be (Original Mix) House Of Efunk Records
20. Labelle Ciel InFine
21. Rave At Your Fictional Borders Free At Last Dave De Rose Records
22. Toada Duet Pluma
23. Toada Kreuzkoelln Pluma
24. Rari IFT (John Tejada Remix) Unreel Records
25. Sasse Cap De Barbar Moodmusic Records
26. Rari Ego Death Unreel Records
27. John Tejada Fight Or Flight (feat. March Adstrum) Palette Recordings
28. Daniel Avery Bell Phonica Records