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# InterpretIn Titel Label URL
1. The Black Dog Mother Of Mine (GLA Airport) Dust Science Recordings
2. Eddna In My Dreams NIA Records
3. San Mateo Commencer au debut finir a la fin 8D Industries
4. Rone Bora Vocal (Looping Version - Live with Orchestre National de Lyon) InFine
5. OGRE Sound Behold The Happy Destruction Self-released
6. OGRE Sound Sharp Teeth Self-released
7. Galya Bisengalieva Alash-kala One Little Independent Records
8. More Ghost Than Man The Seer 8D Industries
9. Tarotplane Coming Of The Comet Kohoutek npm
10. Joe Woodham In Syzygy None More Records
11. Ralph Kinsella Mt Florida 8D Industries
12. KiloWatts & Vanek Please Hold (Polygon Rainbow Remix) Harmonious Discord
13. Kidkanevil Mikinelle Galaxy (Yosi Horikawa Remix) Studio Gsan
14. Macgray Forest Self-released
15. Macgray Origins Self-released
16. Eva Lucidity Kahlua And Klonopin 8D Industries
17. High Season Paris Texas Permanent Vacation
18. Deena Abdelwahed 5/5 InFine
19. More Ghost Than Man Nine Fingers For Hands 8D Industries
20. The Black Dog Open Your Head Dust Science Recordings
21. The Black Dog Harder Times Dust Science Recordings
22. Felix Laband 5 Seconds Ago (Coldcut 'Just Say No' Remix) Compost Records
23. Bas Grossfeldt I Am Blueish Prince Madonna
24. The Black Dog Let's All Make Brutalism Dust Science Recordings
25. Flocks You Were Probably Younger Then (Arthur Hnatek Remix) Folded Music
26. Volruptus Moxie Herrensauna
27. Rosa Anschuetz Sold Out (Aasthma Remix) BPitch Control
28. Bas Grossfeldt I Am Shadow Prince Madonna
29. A. Whales Every Day Add Another Folded Music
30. Aphex Twin Blackbox Life Recorder 21f (Original Mix) Warp Records
31. Brecon Contort With Bells Records
32. Automat Climb (feat. Barbie Williams) Compost Records
33. Pyrolator Die Geschichte vom heissgelaufenen Reisswolf Compost Records
34. Hannah Holland Lucid H PRAH Recordings