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# InterpretIn Titel Label URL
1. Moormann Cunning Zombies Self-Released (Bandcamp)
2. Thommie G Edge (Chomba Remix) Magician On Duty
3. Torn Sail Scared Of My Heart (Andre Lodemann Remix) Best Works Records
4. Ivory Goldsmith Bufos
5. Elec & Dave Dinger Strangelet Heinz Music
6. Everything But The Girl Missing (Guzy Edit) White Label
7. Shahrokh Dini Inner Core For Love (feat. Illinois) Compost Black Label
8. Amane Another Time Musica Macondo
9. Moormann Wedding Cake Self-Released (Bandcamp)
10. Moormann Coronal Ultra Self-Released (Bandcamp)
11. Beanfield Looking Up Compost Records
12. Borak Le Magistrat (Dario Klein Remix) Magician On Duty
13. Denes Toth Automagic New Tab Music
14. Carlo Whale Ananke New Tab Music
15. Felkon Orbiter 54 Eastern Standard
16. Scadta Phuckphone (Original Mix) Kaputt.wav
17. Takiru Much To Love (Jepe Remix) Stripped Down Records
18. Joseph Disco Nevermind (Vakabular Remix) Heinz Music
19. Kevin Paul Dance Again Heinz Music
20. Parallela Q Point Stripped Down Records
21. Dos Locos Let's Go Maccabi House
22. Jepe & Vars Apedemak Duat Folklore
23. PointBender CBD Harmonious Discord