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# InterpretIn Titel Label URL
1. Erik Buschmann Worthless Reflektor Records
2. Yamila Visions VII Umor Rex
3. San Mateo If Panic! Then Release 8D Industries
4. San Mateo LGM1 [PSR B1919+21] 8D Industries
5. Gemini Revolution Beauty Quarks 8D Industries
6. Richie Culver Dream About Yourself SUPERPANG
7. Phtalo You're The One Endless Process
8. Richie Culver & Pavel Milyakov Track 1 Participant
9. Prequel Tapes My Turn Veyl
10. Azieb & KiloWatts Glimmer In The Dark (Patchen's Affirmation Mix) Harmonious Discord
11. Patchen Lady Peso's Afternoon Harmonious Discord
12. Rival Consoles Echoes (Radio Edit) Erased Tapes
13. Sasse RQ-3 DarkStar Moodmusic Records
14. Verdance Takuu Loci Records
15. Catch92 Rabbit-Hole (Bon-Psy Remix) Folded Music
16. ASA 808 Healing TOYS
17. Bon-Psy Ukiyo (Radio Edit) Folded Music
18. Lea Porcelain Consent 1 (Blawan Remix) System Records
19. Holly Looking For My Peace iLex Records
20. Lokier Surface The Third Room
21. Pjore Axt Concrete Chickkernaut Basspatrol Records
22. S8JFOU Influences Parapente Music
23. Toada Sideral 22 Pluma
24. C.Z. Heat Index Evar Records
25. Victoria Mussi Ecdysis Jujuka
26. Client_03 Tactical Empathy Client_03
27. Out Of Place Artefacts Staublunge The Third Room
28. Lynyn Scrim Sooper Records
29. Client_03 Repeat Analysis Client_03
30. Unknown Artist (vs Orca) 4 AM (Version 4) Parade
31. Wheez-ie Horizons (Tim Reaper Remix) Evar Records