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# InterpretIn Titel Label URL
1. State Of Low Kikimora Nie Wieder Schlafen
2. Deep Souls Drifting DeepWit Recordings
3. SGVO You Don't Need To Understand (Original Deeper Mix) DeepWit Recordings
4. Future Kings Of House SA Get Real (Deeper Kut) DeepWit Recordings
5. Andy D My House (You've Got) DeepWit Recordings
6. Sarandub Cry & Dance DeepWit Recordings
7. Andy D The Underground Groove DeepWit Recordings
8. Kaspar Kochker Walking Alone (Deephope Remix) DeepWit Recordings
9. Seraphine Another Boring Love Song (Alvaro Hylander Remix) DeepWit Recordings
10. D.M.P. Just Believe (Alvaro Hylander Remix) DeepWit Recordings
11. Tim Andresen Can You Feel It DeepWit Recordings
12. DJ Sulli I'll Do Anything For You (One Night In Paris Mix) Hype & Soul Recordings
13. Adrian Matos Looking Around Piston Recordings
14. Peter Koren Highflyer Piston Recordings
15. Arno E. Mathieu Hirondelles (Franck Roger Remix) Compost Records
16. Adam Nathan Soul Council Viva Recordings
17. Mitte Housing Authority 7 Day Weekend Moodmusic Records
18. Fred Everything Dreampoet Drumpoet Community
19. Adam Nathan Hyacinth Viva Recordings
20. Aske Izan Body Expression Piston Recordings
21. Cantos I-5 South Uniting Souls Music
22. Pat Lezizmo & Tunnelvision Ritual (Afro Mix) Piston Recordings
23. Jon Gl3z Soul Healing (Ivan Dbri Remix) Harmonious Discord
24. John Tejada Wave Acid Sun Palette Recordings