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# InterpretIn Titel Label URL
1. Boris Acket (feat. Vincent Rang) Chapter 2: Blackbird Song Through Bedroom Window De Lichting
2. Mark Rae Chapter 40: In The Basement Mark's Music
3. Mark Rae Chapter 12: Frozen Tadples Mark's Music
4. Asta Hiroki Apparition Jalapeno Records
5. Asta Hiroki Slumber (feat. Dontmesswithjuan) Jalapeno Records
6. Good Lee Crying Earth Loci Records
7. Fears Fabric Tulle
8. King Knut Paolo Casa Dub Self-Released
9. Tristan de Liege Descanso (9 Theory Remix) Self-Released
10. Tristan de Liege Jioni (Askanse Remix) Self-Released
11. Masayoshi Fujita Gaia Erased Tapes
12. Flying Lotus The Eyes Of Vengeance Warp Records
13. Sunken Cages In Flames On The Corner Records
14. Perila Memories Of Grass Smalltown Supersound
15. Clark Snowbird Warp Records
16. Limewax Maleisae Evar Records
17. Nigel Rolfe African Flower Allchival
18. Lauren Ritter Value Of A Piece Taken (Rrao Remix) Rift Vision
19. Imaginary Number FRS YUKU
20. LV & Joshua Idehen Ancestors (Original Mix) Self-Released
21. Sami El-Enany & Dampe May Faith & Industry
22. Hyper Battle Forest Growroom Productions
23. Flying Lotus Mind Flight Warp Records
24. Basile3 Sans Retour InFine
25. Hector Plimmer (feat. Andrew Ashong) Somebody Else (Album Version) Albert's Favourites
26. Limewax Whay1 Evar Records
27. Anmon Tuvan II YUKU
28. Squarepusher Theme From Ernest Borgnine (Radio Edit) Warp Records
29. Pie Eye Collective Flibbers (feat. Hector Plimmer) Albert's Favourites
30. Flying Lotus Between Memories (feat. Niki Randa) Warp Records
31. Flying Lotus Enchanted Warp Records
32. Depeche Mode Useless (Kruder & Dorfmeister 'K&D Session') Mute
33. Black Soyls Deep Shit Pt.3 Bathurst
34. Joe Silva Shine (feat. Paula Calado) Purespace Recordings