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# InterpretIn Titel Label URL
1. San Mateo Melatonin Fade 8D Industries
2. San Mateo Apophenia 8D Industries
3. Ben Lukas Boysen Venia Erased Tapes
4. Ben Lukas Boysen Medela (Radio Edit) Erased Tapes
5. Verda Suno Syndefallet Self-released
6. Verda Suno Gestalt Self-released
7. Verda Suno OVO II Self-released
8. San Mateo Floatation Device 8D Industries
9. Fluqx Carvings hfn music
10. Rob Clouth A Shiver Sequence (Edit) Mesh
11. Oakin Soulful Moments Smallprint Recordings
12. Nicolas Godin We Forgot Love (feat. Kadhja Bonet) Because Music
13. Frieder Nagel Karoshi InFine
14. Fluqx Mojave Booth hfn music
15. Max Cooper Penrose Tiling (3D) Mesh
16. Sangam & Pixelord City High Fantasy Hyperboloid
17. Prequel Tapes Hot Cell Mannequin Records
18. Client_03 Thought Disposal Astrophonica
19. Sangam & Pixelord Opacity Hyperboloid
20. Oakin Moving Forward Smallprint Recordings
21. Rone Ginkgo Biloba InFine
22. Chapelier Fou Le Triangle des Bermudes Ici D'Ailleurs
23. Sinfol Personal Change Anagram
24. Finn Trick Trick (Ruf Dug Remix) Ruf Kutz
25. Hesychia369 Only Love Drumpoet Community
26. Sinfol Undisputed Anagram
27. Nelson Of The East Burning Palms (Saudade Mix) Tartelet Records
28. Rone Nouveau Monde (Alternative Instrumental Version) InFine
29. Nelson Of The East Yahuda Tartelet Records