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# InterpretIn Titel Label URL
1. Mazzy Star Into Dust (Riccicomoto's Dub Session) Unreleased
2. Yosi Horikawa Swashers Borrowed Scenery
3. Pyrame A Fine Life (Acid Washed Remix) HIFI/LOFI Records
4. Plaid Drowned Sea Warp Records
5. Leonie Pernet Butterfly (UssaR Remix) InFine
6. Yosi Horikawa Mine Borrowed Scenery
7. Go Dugong Ilva Hyperjazz Records
8. The Lock-In Locked In All City Records
9. Plaid Los Warp Records
10. Lomea You Are Your Memories Here & Now Recordings
11. Yosi Horikawa Timbres Borrowed Scenery
12. Asta Hiroki (feat. Lylli) Hiding Place (Tristan de Liege Remix) Jalapeno Records
13. Al Grover Little Steps Kraak Records
14. David Marston Ragamuffin Kindness Of Bearer Recordings
15. Alex Barck Oh Africa (feat. Christine Salem) InFine
16. Sol Power All-Stars (feat. Lenny Kurlou) It Ain't Right (Dubbed In DC Mix) Soul Clap Records
17. Paper Tiger (feat. Steve Spacek) The Cycle (Shy One Remix) Wah Wah 45s
18. Laroye The Trickster Tiff's Joints
19. Boogzbrown & Cubenx Butcha InFine
20. Boogzbrown Timbila InFine
21. Known Shaz Night Thoughts (feat. Yael Sel) Raw Tapes
22. Leonie Pernet (feat. Hanaa Ouassim) Auaati (Album Version) InFine
23. Grup Ses Grup Ses meets Salah Ragab In Spacetime Zel Zele
24. Elektro Hafiz Aralik Zel Zele
25. Elektro Hafiz Agar (Onofon Remix) Zel Zele
26. Jefre Cantu-Ledesma Breeze Mexican Summer
27. Connan Mockasin & Andrew VanWyngarden Bad Boys Mexican Summer
28. Jonny Drop Among The Stars Albert's Favourites